Prayer #43

Sweet Mother,

While my understanding grows broader and clearer in the light of Thy increasing presence within me, I also feel it becomes more and more a mere participant in Thy great scheme of things, and given entirely in submission to Thee, it could become infinite and a boundless expression…

Prayer #42

Sweet Mother,

It is quite a mystery why my mind dwells upon a sense of urgency when it comes to action; it is as if it were in a state of desperation and burden to get things done at the earliest without being able to enjoy the processes attached to…

Prayer #41

Sweet Mother,

May I be lifted out of my forgetfulness, this is my earnest prayer to Thee.

May I see always Thy truth in things to whatever extent that it is possible at the moment, this is my humble submission to Thee.

May I do Thy will always, in spite of myself; this is my will one with Thine Divine.

Prayer #40

Sweet Mother,

Profound is my grief within, inexpressible my anguish and intolerable my pain of separation!

I am immersed in my own loneliness and engulfed of own emotions.

O Glorious Mother, May all these turn to streams of Thy delight within and without.

Thou art our only Hope.


Zuby (10 May 2013–29 September 2021)

Prayer #38

Sweet Mother,

Help us define the purpose of the day. We have no complaints about our cluelessness, our incapacitation or lack of proper perspective, for these belong to the lower mental, but we implore Thee of Thy light in helping us sort out the pressing issues of the day so as to be able to progress on the lines of Thy infallible mentorship.

We understand that we are dealing with an evolutionary tangle which has to be sorted out by a higher synthetic knowledge and wisdom, not by resorting to crude generalities or by applying a common standard or principle of ignorant life.

O Mother of Light, make our day a rare wonder of Thy boundless movement and an intimate expression of Thy vast infinite delight.

Prayer #37

Sweet Mother,

To be able to work continuously in the physical without mental or physical fatigue is a monumental task which can only be accomplished if one were a transparent instrument of Thy will in the physical. We may even call it a “transparency of being” or more properly, a…

Prayer #36

Sweet Mother,

Order and chaos are perceived to be two different sensations in the life-being, variedly played out in the mind with distinct feelings of pain and pleasure running away from each other, and in the most external physical it is an unbearable contradiction only to be resolved by Thy…

Murli R

Founder@goldenlatitude. Lover of Sanskrit, Latin, Greek & the English Metre. Mostly write on Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, whom I earnestly follow within and without.

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