Prayer #29

Sweet Mother,

Teach us Thy cubs, wobbling of feet and inner manners, to grow into strong limbed maned wonders, swift of feet and spontaneous of instinct.

Guide us, O Divine Mother of all creation, to the bounty and plentitude of Thy all-generous spirit, in which is the spring of eternal youth and deathless physical.

Prayer #28

Sweet Mother,

Self-organisation, self-discipline, precision & detail in work etc may serve towards progress but they are not absolute or complete without Thy will actively behind them, pushing them towards their own self-afflatus in Thy supreme nature. I see now that this development is being worked out by Thy grace in the exact measure of self-development as willed by Thee in us.

Supreme Grace, we would like to implore Thee that we may be able to conquer unhealthy sleep and unprogressive inertia of being by the swiftness of Thy self-manifesting supramental light in us.

Thou hast opened the way for us, Thou art leading us by Thy infinite compassion and boundless love. It is only inevitable by Thy immeasurable grace that we shalt arrive and be transformed.

Prayer #27

Sweet Mother,

There are still obstructions in the physical consciousness which erects an immediate block to Thy descending force, implying clearly that it does not want to give up its cherished habits and self-hardened practices. And the body has to put up with it and suffer the consequences. This physical consciousness must be transformed and wholly surrendered to Thy will so that it can wake up out of its aeonic slumber into Thy spontaneous movement of easy and infinitely supple limbs.

O Mother of Light, make the impossible possible at the most concrete physical level, this is our earnest prayer to Thee!

Prayer #26

Sweet Mother,

A day of extreme struggle, disgraceful fall and struggling aspiration. The more I try the more I see that this ignorance of being is deviously impossible and a recalcitrant nightmare. I have only tried to improve the collective atmosphere at the most physical level but after a brief sunshine, it was only darkness and impossible negation. And this negation takes a form in the nature and behaviour of people which makes it unspeakably intolerable. Even the animal consciousness is not spared.

And, when it takes the form of a self-negation, it is dangerously close a peril into which…

Prayer #24

Sweet Mother,

Make our surrender to Thee manifold, integral, detailed and infinite so that we may be able to do Thy will without self-conflict and mortal hindrance, and also to execute Thy commands with a cheerful self-giving and largeness of purpose.

Madre Supreme, make right what is inherently wrong in us, transform our distortions into powers of Thy one-pointed consciousness and enliven us with Thy ineffable presence within and without.

May we see Thee in all and everything.

May we thrive in Thy spirit supramental.

Prayer #23

Supreme Mother,

To stay in the present course of Thy master-will is most necessary in order to progress faster towards the goal and to be able to execute Thy works effectively and discharge our divine duties assigned to us by Thee.

Sweet Madre, make our resolve firm and headstrong, our will unrelenting, progressively perfect and infinitely supple so that we may be able to do Thy works here amid all opposition and difficulty.

Divine Mother, fashion us of Thy image in this brute siege of a still undivine existence.

And, make our lives Thy cherished expression and Thy ineffable marvel.


Oil on Canvas by Priti Ghosh

O my Lover mischievous, should my heart
Be battered constantly of Thy songs and symphonies
Rudely played on its strings ebullient and impassioned?
Is my body Thy rapture’s intolerable kiss?

I see the moon of Thy heavenly bliss
Like a thirsty she-wolverine wailing her fate.
I grow wise of world’s mirthless dramas
Like a self-berated fool dreaming of Thy light.

Thou art the root of my heart’s mystic sapling
Which blooms of roses white of Thy delight.
Thou art the marvel of my hour coming
Which chimes of Thy prescience flossed and gaited.

Batter my heart with Thy rude songs and symphonies,
if Thou must, O Lover, but leave me not in this unholy pit
Though scented of Thy marvellous brood of divine excess,
Because without Thou, this world is only a stark night coloured bright.

Prayer #22

Sweet Mother,

To live in Thee wholly and integrally is the only solution. This world is unbearably cruel in its present form, inexorably nonchalant in its methods of hammering pain.

Those who are attached to us must not suffer, and though such is Thy will, there is something in the physical, a terrible falsehood, which seems to be delaying the effects of Thy supreme Grace or hampering Thy actions for a while effectively.

O Mother, we are to be blamed for this mess and not Thee! Thy Grace is all-pervading, all-invincible, all-knowing and supremely transcendent, and there is nothing here…

Prayer #21

Supreme Mother,

May the blunders of the day be dissolved and Thy sense of light resurgent in my every pore and cell. May all anguishes of my heart be turned into Thy supreme felicities of joy.

May Thy concoction prepared by me by Thy Grace and Cure be administered effectively into his fragile frame. May he be cured for ever by Thy deathless smile.

O Sweet Mother, May we be Thy humble servants and slaves for ever.

Prayer #20

Sweet Mother,

Open to us the path to the inaccessible, untrodden depths of Thy marvellous presence within, and by Thy Grace alone this could be self-accomplished and self-realised.

We pray to Thee that we may not be deluded by crude, misguiding and false appearances of forces opposed to Thy work in us.

O Mother all-blissful and all-transcendent, may we be worthy of being Thy simple, docile and unpretentious instruments to accomplish Thy will upon this painful earth.

Thou art our Saviour and Succour supreme.

Murli R

Founder@goldenlatitude. Lover of Sanskrit, Latin, Greek & the English Metre. Mostly write on Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, whom I earnestly follow within and without.

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